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Gre Essay: Important Truths Begin As Outrageous, Or At Least Uncomfortable, Attacks Upon The Accepted Wisdom Of The Time

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Present your perspective on the issue below, using relevant reasons and/or examples to support your views.
"Important truths begin as outrageous, or at least uncomfortable, attacks upon the accepted wisdom of the time."

According to Newton’s law of motion, “Any body tends to be in its state of motion or rest, until and unless subjected by some external force.” Same principle applies to the accepted wisdom of the time also. “Accepted wisdom of the time”, what is most important in these words is the word ‘time’. It’s true that many a thing use to starts because times demand it, and in due course it becomes accepted wisdom. But, any accepted wisdom use to follow Newton’s law of motion even ...view middle of the document...

When for the first time, Carl Linnaeus placed humans with monkeys in his classification scheme; it was met with a lot of objection, not only from religious people but also by many scientist and elite researcher of that time. Most of the people at that time posed strong resistance to this theory, but finally it was accepted with time. In a similar and more pronounced event, Galileo was placed under house arrest for his theory that earth use to revolve around the sun. That time his theory was treated as heresy because of well-accepted fact at that time that sun use to revolve around the earth and not the opposite.

In most of the well-accepted social customs, which need to be changed with time, we use to notice that any change is meet with a lot of resistance. One prominent example of this is sati pratha, which was practiced in India for many decades and still we use to hear some of the cases from the remote part of the country. During earlier time when Indian kings were attacked by Muslim invaders and defeated, the ladies whose husbands have been killed in the war, were burn alive with the dead body of their husband to save them from the molestation by the invading army. This has taken the form of custom with time and when Raja Ram Mohan Rai has started his fight against this custom, it was met with stiff resistance from the orthodox class of the Hindu society.

But, there is another aspect of this statement. Not only implementations of the important truth are met with resistance, but any implementation, either right or wrong, are met with the same...

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