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Gre Argument Essay

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A new report suggests that men and women experience pain very differently from one another, and that doctors should consider these differences when prescribing pain medications. When researchers administered the same dosage of kappa opioids - a painkiller - to 28 men and 20 women who were having their wisdom teeth extracted, the women reported feeling much less pain than the men, and the easing of pain lasted considerably longer in women. This research suggests that kappa opioids should be prescribed for women whenever pain medication is required, whereas men should be given other kinds of pain medication. In addition, researchers should reevaluate the effects of all medications on men versus women.

In this report the author claims that doctors should consider differences in the way men and women experience pain when prescribing pain medications. To support his claim, the author ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps, the men and women had different average body mass and that same amount of painkiller has less effect on relatively heavier individuals. Without further information on the group characteristics of 28 men and 20 women, the claim sounds errorneous.

Second, even if we assume that body mass or other factors were controlled in the above research, the result does not necessarily support the author's claim. Maybe kappa opioids has certain chemical element that reacts more easily with female hormone. Also, there is no guarantee that the participants in the research represent larger group of average men and female. In addition, the given research is entirely based on one painkiller and does not show how this result can be applied to other medications. Maybe other painkillers can be better than kappa opioids for female or worse than kappa opioids for male. The author needs to provide evidence how these doubts can be solved; otherwise, I do not find his claim very reliable.

Third, the author assumes that different reactions to kappa opioids caused different experience of pain in male and female participants. However, there might be an alternative explanation for the research results. Perhaps a man's wisdom teeth is more deeply rooted than that of a woman. In such case, the different experience of pain cannot support the claim that kappa opioids is more effective to women than to men.

Lastly, the research uses vague terms such as "much less pain" and "considerably longer". It is not clear what the author means by these words. With the small sample group, the author needs to provide more numeric information on research results.

In sum ,the argument is not well supported. In order to strengthen it, the author must prove that there was no meaningful group differences between male and female participants and show that kappa opiods can be a good representative of other medications for predicting gender-specific differences in reactions to medications. The argument should also provide evidence that kappa opioids was the cause of different experiences of pain to be acceptable.

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