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Graphic organizers are visual tools that can help students understand lessons that they otherwise might not be able to grasp. The ideas of a lesson are written down on paper in a way that shows a clear map or relationship between what the lesson is on. Graphic organizers can be used for many different lessons including math, literature and history. One effect way of using a graphic organizer is to explain the time line of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
For this I would use a series of events chain. To begin with this lesson, we would first read about the journey that Lewis and Clark took across the country. After reading is complete I would hand out sheets that had a series of events ...view middle of the document...

I would explain to my students that each box represented a day in the time line. Each box would have a date that would correspond to what was written in the box. So for example, in the first box would be written, “May, 14, 1804- Meriwether Lewis and William Clark begin an expedition across the continental United States starting at St. Louis, Missouri.” ( Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail,2013). In a box further down the chain we could write about Sacajawea giving birth. That could be written as, “February 11, 1805- Sacajawea gives birth to son Jean Baptiste.” (Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail,2013). In the last box, we would write down when the expedition returned home to St. Louis. That would be written as, “September 23, 1806-The Lewis and Clark expedition returns home to St. Louis.” (Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail,2013). As the students are filling out the graphic organizers, there would be a discussion happening about the expedition at the same time. Because some students might find more information helpful then others, I would advise them that they can write down any information about the date being discussed that will make it easier for them to relate, retain and remember the information discussed. For example, in the last box, some students might write down the important figures that returned with Lewis and Clark, like Sacajawea, while others might find that fact easy to remember and not need to write it down.
For the assignment, I would hand out blank copies of a series of events chain. I would let my students know that the title of the events chain should read “Timeline of the Lewis and Clark Expedition”. From there I would explain to my students that they would need to write down what they believe is the most important dates and what...

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