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Grandfather Essay

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Mustafa Ahmed 09/ 17/2011


My grandfather to me is a very distinctive person in our society. He has had a very huge impact on my life and the life of many of my family members and friends in many different ways. He was very unique in his own ways, you might ask why? Well it’s because of the kind of person he is, any task that he would take on in life he would accomplish it with his maximum effort. He has worked very hard in his life for everything he has and at a point of his life he worked 2 jobs just so he can take care of his wife and three kids. He has always been there for his family in bad times and good he was ...view middle of the document...

Whenever he had the chance he would always preach to us about the beauty of religion. He believes that Religion provides, and always has provided, a community more than anything, a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself and an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people and groups and feel very relaxed and safe in your own community. He says God should be within everyone all the time. why is it whenever a disaster happens everyone turns to God, they all say 'Oh God, please help me' but when it's time for happiness no one remembers God and continues to party. He is a very kind hearted man that always cared about his family and community as well.
My grandfather was a very skilled man he would come up with a solution for almost any kind of predicament; it could be family related or work related. He always believed that work with honesty and great determination and you will be able to accomplish so much greater and higher things in life by having the ability to do so. He started working at a very young age so he did not have the time to get a very good education. His very first job was at a factory which he started after completing a few years of school because his dad passed away at a young age so he had to work to support the family with the rest of his brothers. As he got older, he continued his education got a degree as a mechanical engineer so his financial condition was better than when he was a teen.
Grand father always used to say "You appreciate what you work for," He taught that lesson well. He never let me win any...

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