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Grand Parents Essay

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Grand parenting over the years has changed due to the life expectancy of adults. They are living longer and now you are more likely to have a living grandmother than a grandfather but both are still living longer. Another change is the amount of grandchildren you are likely to have. In the 1900s you averaged 12.1 grandchildren versus the 6 or fewer grand children you would have in the 1990s Also it is more likely in black and Hispanic households to be raising your children while also being a grandparent. Grandparents whose children moved to another country are no able to see their grandchildren but if you live in the same country you are more likely to see and interact with your grandparents. Another factor of grand parenting is at what age you become one the younger you are the more active you are in the lives of your grandchildren. My grandfathers are both deceased and I have no distinct memories ...view middle of the document...

These grandmothers take on the role of caregiver and provider. If death occurs the child is then either taken in to the closest family’s home or is taken to a group home sponsored by the tribe where eventually some relative will take responsibility. Not all grandmothers are up to the task and are looked down upon by the others. Also some think that leaving your kids always with your parents is taking advantage of them but the grandmothers say it is ok because they have taken care of their own and the love their children and grandchildren. They do not see their role as baby sitters but as a role of loving care because their grandchildren need them and they love them. I believe that grandparents are very important and I know that my dad is very much looking forward to being a grandparent. On several occasions he has said he will be taking care of my son and when he gives him back he will be hyped up on sugar. Aside from giving him sugar he is getting ready so he can teach him how to golf and already talking about enrolling him in summer camp for golf at the age of 5. My dad is very excited and I hope he will be very active in my childes life.
My Mothers Hip
Asking who will take care of the parents (elderly) was not a big deal back in the 1970s because most did not reached the state of needing to be cared for. Now grandparents are reaching the age of 80 to 90 years old where they do need to be taken care of. Before 1965 it was not even considered to not take care of your elderly parents. They either stayed in one home or circulated among their children often helping raise their grandchildren. After 1965 when the Medicare Medicaid Acts were passed the family became an option because of all the homes and assisted living arrangements that could be made. I was taught that the family is very important and we need to take care of our own. My grandmother has been taken care of by my cousin but since she has been deteriorating in health she could no longer climb up and down the stairs in her home so she is now living with my aunt who is her second oldest daughter.

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