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Grameenphone Essay

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Management Information System Functions and Network Planning in Grameen Phone
Course Title: Management Information System

Submitted to: Ameen Nawaz
Department of Computer Science
American International University, Bangladesh


It is our refreshment stand to thank Mr. Nawaz Ameen, our course instructor of the course Management Information System, in American international University for giving us the opportunity to practically exposure through this report.
In this regard, we would also like to thank all of our team members for their hard working .supreme spirit and inspiration.

As we are the students of BBA program so it’s very much important for us to know ...view middle of the document...

The internal data for the system comes mainly from transaction processing systems. Those systems provide data capture, data entry, and data validation steps necessary to get data into the organization’s information systems.
External data is often transferred into the MIS by using data communications techniques.
After data is in MIS, Grameen phone want to inquire about the data. A query or an inquiry is request for information from a system. Before a system can respond to a quarry, the query must be entered into a computer.

The Output Function

The output functions of an MIS products reports and responses to queries. Report can be detail reports or summary reports, two types of reports. MISs that support operational decisions making require mainly detail reports.
Those that support strategic decision making require mostly summary reports. Systems that affect tactical decision making need some detail reports and some summary reports.
In Grameen phone exception reports are also produced by MIS. They are very common because that provide information for an approach to management called management by exception, which involves taking action only if the business is not functioning as expected.
An exception report provides information about exceptions to some rule or standard. A manager who receives such a report take the necessary step to correct the situation and return the business to normal functioning.

The Storage Function

In Grameen phone data for MIS is stored in files, which are usually master files, but more often the MIS data is stored in a database. Storing data in a database makes it easier to access related data and to produce ad hoc reports and query response.
The data for MIS database comes from the transaction processing system and from external sources.
This data is used to create and update the database; the database can then be accessed to provide information the decision makers. The relationships between the data in the database can be used to join related data to produce reports to the quires.

The Processing Function

In Grameen phone processing in MIS normally...

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