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Graduation Plan Essay

290 words - 2 pages

Now that you can run your degree audit, your task is to: 1. Explore potential classes you will be taking for your major to meet graduation requirements. 2. Plan what types of outside of class activities you would like to be involved in to enhance your academic
experience (co-op, internships, volunteer opportunities, student organizations, etc)

3. develop an outline for your time to graduation 4. ...view middle of the document...

Fall Year: 2014 Spring Year: 2015 Summer Year: 2015




Fall Year: 2015

Spring Year: 2016

Summer Year: 2016




Fall Year: 2016

Spring Year: 2017

Summer Year: 2017




Fall Year: 2017

Spring Year: 2018

Summer Year: 2018




Fall Year: 2018

Spring Year: 2019

Summer Year: 2019




The skills that I need to develop to be the most qualified candidate for this career are:





The types of jobs I would qualify to apply for when finished with this degree are AND their salaries are:
1. ÿ;





I feel this major and the careers/jobs associated with it fit me because... (Talk about the strengths you have that go along with this major/career.)





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