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Graduation Coach Essay

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“My school is so big that sometimes, when something goes wrong in students’ lives, they fall into the cracks. Teachers, guidance counselors and assistant principals don’t have the time or energy to work one-on-one with these kids,” McDaniel said. “The fact that someone else is there — me — to be the middleman between the parent and the school and to find out what’s going on, means we can help that child.” 
Position Summary:
       The High School Graduation Coach will provide assistance to all high school students, individually and in groups, regarding high school graduation. This assistance will include but not be limited to analyzing data to identify students or subgroups with dropout ...view middle of the document...

* Works with students to develop a graduation and career plan to include the best program to meet academic and post-secondary goals.
* Conduct team meetings with EA high school faculty and staff to develop action steps to improve individual student transition success rates;
* Collaborates with teachers, counselors, and/or advisors to assure the continued use of the transition process to help students successfully adapt to the rigors of a boarding school experience
* Tracks the progress of individual students as they progress through high school;
* Conducts and analyze ongoing formative and summative evaluation data of program effectiveness
* Provides and/or submit reports to the Department of Education as scheduled / requested.

Community Service/Public Services
* Conducts 100% of assigned public relations activities in accordance with directed timeline requirements to include distribution of brochures, posting of flyers, presentations to community groups, etc. to enhance public awareness of The Ervin Academy
* Respects confidentiality in discussing clients, staff, volunteers, and corporate matters; also maintains confidentiality of corporate/project fiscal and personnel related information.

Special Licenses and/or Certificates:
     Georgia Professional Standards Commission certification in the following...

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