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Graduate Study Challenges And Strategies For Personal Success

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
Stacy Maahs
Jill Grundy
June 6, 2014

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
My personal plan for success as I pursue my master’s degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Program is multi-leveled. Among other things, I believe stubbornness is one of my attributes; this in itself may turn out to be quite helpful to me over the next three years. “With self-regulated learning, students use several specific subprocesses to achieve self-directed learning goals in real-world contexts. Effective self-regulated learners select, structure, and create environments that optimize their learning” ...view middle of the document...

On a personal level, I have given consideration to the fact that it will be nice to think that my children will look at their mom in a slightly different way. I always strive to be a good role model for my children, and I think my working to become an FNP will provide a positive influence.
Life is busy and making time to pursue a graduate degree will pose challenges to my time management skills. I have a husband I love and adore, seven children with a constant need for attention, and a full-time job. I plan to prioritize my work in a way that helps to cut down on stress as well, trying to focus and take one step at a time.
Duvall (2010) noted that, unfortunately, most of us are regularly confronted with a variety of important, but fairly tedious activities which take place in our environments that neither contain engaging content, nor support our plans and intentions. Furthermore, maintaining focused behavior under these all too common conditions can be difficult. I believe that in the circumstances where the little things seem like they are starting to pile up, it will be important to prioritize and also to cut out the things that are less important.
According to Tam and Spanjol (2012), “Facing impediments (such as perceived task difficulty) during the goal pursuit process is not always detrimental and can at times prove beneficial to goal attainment” (p. 97). This makes me think of my parents’ advice to "rise to the challenge” and “nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.” I am not planning to defeat myself. I will not let stress, the busyness of life and work, or time management failures become roadblocks in my journey to becoming an FNP. I'm up for the challenge and am starting this program with an attitude for success.

Helping others, especially the disadvantaged, has always given me a great sense of personal satisfaction. I get to do this every day as a registered nurse in my work at Maricopa Medical Center. I plan to be deliberate in my actions over the coming days, months, and years until I realize my goal of becoming an FNP. My plan of action at this point is to take one day at a time, keep a positive attitude, and reach out to others as needed. In the short-term, I believe this will help me to manage stress as I become accustomed to life as a student again.
In looking at the schedule of classes for this program, certainly the completion of NRP 505 will be a milestone; signifying the beginning of a more clinically focused curriculum. Another milestone for me will be working in the clinical setting as our preceptorship commences. Putting our new educations to the test for me and my classmates will be truly satisfying. I look forward to these days, knowing I am nearing the end of the program, and at the beginning of my new professional career.
Each completed assignment, and each completed class will be one step closer to the finish line. I definitely have feelings of satisfaction at the end of...

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