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Graduate Study Challenges Essay

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
When deciding to return to graduate school, a person has made an excellent step in advantaging their knowledge in their particular career field. Before returning to graduate school, most people have given serious thought to the time commitment that they will have to face for the next two to four years. They have had many sleepless nights and day dreamed about the stress they will face to complete a graduate degree. Therefore entering a graduate program should not be taken lightly. In many disciplines it is required to have a graduate degree to practice independently in that career field (e.g. Social Worker and ...view middle of the document...

Short- term goal is to complete first two semesters of graduate program. Long-term goals are to complete graduate program with a masters of healthcare administration by July 2014 and to become a manager at a Veterans Administration Hospital by 2015.
Three Challenges in Meeting Goals
There will be many challenges and road blocks in meeting my goals to obtain a graduate degree. The following are three challenges that may could be a hindered to completing goals of completing graduate program: 1. Personal failings of an individual, 2. Jogging school and work, 3, Completing assignment on time.
Strategies to Overcome Challenges
To succeed in accomplishing goals-goals must be prioritize. To be successful at completing a graduate degree it is going to take excellent time management skills. Time is our enemy and friend. Managing time for school, work, and family will be one of the most important strategies. Developing good study habits will be key to decreasing stress and enable student to get proper sleep. Carter, Bishop, and Kravits (2007), by managing time stress is decreased (p. 6). Fight procrastination, by setting reasonable goals of study time and reward self when task has been completed on time (Carter, Bishop, and Kravits 2007). Dedication to the graduate program is key to successful completion. Including family in journey because they will be need to help with many duties around the house that was once done by the student, Get a dated planner to get up with daily schedule. Take personal computer on commute to and from work to work on daily assignments. Inform manager about graduate school, this way they will not expect you to work on extra projects. This will let management know how serious a person is about gaining more knowledge and skills to become a manager.
According to Webster’s definition, a milestone is an important point in the progress or development in a person’s life. When I have completed two semesters with a passing grade, this will let me know it is possible to succeed in this graduate program. Getting pass this first hurdle will give me the confidence I will need to continue forward. As each semester is complete, it gives me more confidence that I will complete my long-term goal of completing my graduate degree in 2014.
Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses in Communication
Effective writing communication is ability to speak and write clear and concise details to a target audience. My weakness is effective, I know what I want to...

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