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Graduate Studies Essay

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
April 8, 2013

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success
Pursuing a graduate degree creates many opportunities and comes with many challenges, such as balancing work and attending school and adjusting to the increased workload of school (M. Schlemper, 2011). Finding balance with time management and stress management can be a challenge within itself. Now that I have decided to make this important decision to pursue my educational goals to obtain a Master’s degree in nursing there were several questions that I had to ask of myself. How am I going to afford school, how do I manage my schedule, ...view middle of the document...

My short term goal is to be an effective team member by the third day of class. I am allowing myself this time frame, because I have not taken an online course before and I need time to adjust to it and allow that time for growth. My long term goal is to be in an advanced nursing leadership role, in which I can use my years of leadership skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in health care.
Although these goals are achievable, there will be some challenges that I will have to overcome in order to be successful.
Writing proficiently is an area of improvement for me and communicating on line with my team members. On line requires a substantial amount of time in writing and organizing your thoughts, and it’s an important aspect of professional development. University of Phoenix provides the Center for Writing Excellence and it’s an excellent resource that I can use to develop my writing skills.
A very important aspect of graduate studies is time management and using your time wisely. Time management is another area in which I will have to achieve optimum compliance. I have found that pursuing my educational goals in graduate studies requires quite a bit of dedications and commitment and it can be difficult to balance with a full time job, family and school work. To manage my time effectively I am currently utilizing my calendar to its fullest capacity, my assignments and to do list are an intricate part of my calendar. I have designated times set aside for my job, family and schoolwork.
Technology is continuously expanding and there are so many new programs that can make it difficult to use. I am utilizing the resources that University of Phoenix has to offer and reviewing tutorials as well as asking questions of my team members.
The academic workload in conjunction with managing a pediatric clinic can be stressful. Stress is common among college students and has been on the increase; dealing with stress in an everyday challenge can have an impact on one’s ability to achieve their goals (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits). In order for me to overcome this challenge I will have to incorporate some time management strategies. I...

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