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1Introduction to OM: OM Q&A -1 9/26/2013

1) Identify three or more operations-related tasks carried out by Hard Rock Café. (Far East department)
Answer: Providing custom meals; designing, testing, and costing meals; acquiring, receiving , and storing supplies; recruiting and training employees; preparing employee schedules; designing efficient restaurant layouts.
2) Identify two operations-related tasks carried out by Hard Rock Café (changed to McDonalds). Match each to its area of the Ten Critical Decisions.
Answer: Providing custom meals–design of goods and services; designing, testing, and costing meals–design of goods ...view middle of the document...

7) Why are operations managers faced with ethical and social challenges?
Answer: Businesses have diverse stakeholders, which include owners, employees, lenders, and distributors. These stakeholders hold conflicting perspectives.

2Productivity 10/03/2013

1) Identify the three productivity variables used in the text.
Answer: The three common variables are labor, capital, and management.

2) As the administrative manager in a law office, you have been asked to develop a system for evaluating the productivity of the 15 lawyers in the office. What difficulties are you going to have in doing this, and how are you going to overcome them?
Answer: Productivity measures for a law office are difficult. Simple criteria, like number of cases processed, fail to consider complexity of the case. Even counting wins is difficult, as many cases are settled with some sort of compromise. External elements such as the quality of the opposing counsel and the tenacity of the opposition also make counting look rather silly.

3) Susan has a part-time "cottage industry" producing seasonal plywood yard ornaments for resale at local craft fairs and bazaars. She currently works 8 hours per day to produce 16 ornaments.
a. What is her productivity?
b. She thinks that by redesigning the ornaments and switching from use
of a wood glue to a hot-glue gun she can increase her total
production to 20 ornaments per day. What is her new productivity?
c. What is her percentage increase in productivity?
Answer: a. 16 ornaments/8 hours = 2 ornaments/hour
b. 20 ornaments/8 hours = 2.5 ornaments/hour
c. Change in productivity = 0.5 ornaments/hour; percent change = 0.5/2= 25%

3Process Strategy_Ch7 10/17/2013

1) The textbook described four basic process models, and hinted that there are others. Construct an example of a hybrid process. Can this process be applied in any well-known organization? How common do you think hybrid processes are?
Answer: Most students will graft elements of process onto elements of product or repetitive. Examples may include food service, where "process" may typify most operations, but salad bars add an element of "repetitive." In health care, hybrids of process and repetitive can readily be found. .TOPIC
Four process strategies

2) In an affluent society, how do we produce a wide number of options for products at low cost?
Answer: In an affluent society we produce a wide variety of options for products at low cost, primarily by use of modular components assembled in repetitive facilities, but automation is allowing more overlap of different types of production processes.

3) Name the tools of process analysis and design. Describe them in a sentence or two each.
Answer: Five tools of process analysis and design include flowcharts, time-function mapping, value-stream mapping, process charts, and service blueprinting. ...

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