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Grading System Versus Written Evaluations Essay

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Grading system versus written evaluations

The grading system has been embedded in our education system for many generations now. Students have been assessed based on their knowledge and skill of various subjects based on their performance on a piece of paper. From that, they are awarded grades with A’s being the best signifying superior knowledge and F’s being the worst. Recently however, many have started to wonder how written evaluations instead may be more beneficial and thorough in assessing a student’s performance. Although I agree with written evaluations being a more suitable means of evaluating any student, let us first explore how written evaluations and the grading system vary in terms of providing quality assessment of students, time cost and finally how it may help in the working environment.
Both the grading system and written evaluations vary in providing quality assessments of the students. The grading system mainly ...view middle of the document...

This evaluation would also be handed to the students’ parents which would allow them to be active in their child’s development.
The grading system is unarguably much easier to handle as compared to written evaluations. This is because examinations are usually conducted at a specified time of the year, 4 times a year. Written evaluations however have to be conducted periodically to signify that the teacher is indeed monitoring the students’ performance in class. However, in the current education system, the maximum number of students in a class usually ranges from 30 to 40 students. Hence the teacher may be able to simply update the evaluations from time to time by providing brief overviews of each student at each particular interval. This would definitely be sufficient for a depth understanding of the student.
Furthermore, written evaluations would indeed be more helpful to future employers who are looking to hire people for various jobs. With the grading system, future employers would not be able to gain proper insight as to how the student behaves and performs in school. A student’s grades speak very little about the student and how he or she performs in the examination has nothing to do with his or her character and behaviour. On the contrary, a written evaluation would give future employers an idea of what they may be getting if they choose to employ that particular person. Whether or not that future employee has what it takes to strive and work hard despite what his grades may say. All of this information cannot be described by the grade he/she received in his/her History exam.
It is obvious that the grading system and the written evaluations have both pros and cons. However in a more modern society, it is important to produce individuals that are wholesome and ever ready to improve themselves despite not being good at memorizing facts and answering exam papers. Although some people may argue that certain teachers may be biased in providing accurate evaluations, it is important to understand that teachers must be professional in their work and not allow petty feeling and emotion blindside them. Thus, I would certainly agree that written evaluations is the proper way to go.

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