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Law Day Essay
“No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom”

How Do Courts Protect Our Liberties?

--- For hundreds of years the forefathers of the United States of America had been undertaking the task of creating and constantly amending a constitution that all men shall abide by. Alexander Hamilton, along with other contributors of the constitution, created essays which are better known as the federalist papers. These documents were created as a form of mutual interpretation and moral assurance between the government and its citizens with one major objective, to gain and retain the trust of its citizens. ---
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Everyday speech and symbolic speech is actually more protected than commercial and seditious speech. Freedom of religion which is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution is a civil liberty that holds very high value in the United States. Amongst other civil liberties that we take advantage of daily is the right to an impartial jury, which is guaranteed in Amendment VI. It is through this amendment that gag orders are allowed, which is to deter from information getting out to the public, which might cause a case to become impartial to the defendant. Amendment VI can also affect the location of a given trial. In the case of Timothy McVeigh, there was no way that he could have received an impartial trial in the state of Oklahoma due to the severity and publicity of the case, so it was then decided that the case must be tried in another location. From the protection of unreasonable search and seizures to freedom of press, civil liberties as such are put in place in order to make the people feel protected and safe from the powers of our government.
One of the main proponents for the colonist’s voyage to the New World was to be able to practice free religion. We are all entitled to practice whatever religion we please. As with most civil liberties, we as citizens are granted these civil liberties, but they can not infringe on the liberties of others. In order to precede the citizens from an official religion, freedom of speech was added as a protection. The Establishment Clause which is located in the 1st Amendment forbids the government to establish an official religion. Although we are protected to practice free religion there are still controversies over the issue. One such controversy involves the separation of church and state. This came to...

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