Government Should Plays A Major Role In The Waste Management

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Delong Zhai
January 2015
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Why is more environments destroyed in the 20 century & 21 century than before? Primarily, industrial revolution had turned hand-made into mechanization. The machine  required energy to work. To get energy, people continuous depleted energy ...view middle of the document...


In the livelihood, people produce waste continuously. This action causes seriously negative impacts at environment, such as global warming, climate change, and pollution. One thing that can damage the nature is methane (CH4). Methane is created when wastes are decomposed in landfills; landfills are the third largest source of CH4. “Methane's lifetime in the atmosphere is much shorter than carbon dioxide (CO2), but CH4 is more efficient at trapping radiation than CO2. Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is over 20 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year period. ” (EPA NSW, N.D.)When we throw the food waste, the wasted food with organic compound can become methane, a gas that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. This means we need to plant more trees to mitigate the effects of methane. Waste not only can be harmful to the atmosphere, but also can create many damages to the environment. Most of the wastes can lead to pollution. According to an article from EPA NSW,( N.D.), it implies that after the food wastes were decomposed, too much nutrients can be released out into the environment; Moreover there were 50000 liters of water pollute when people throw out a kilogram of beef waste, there were 1550 liters of water pollute when people discard one kilogram of white rice, and there were 500 liters of water pollute when people throw one kilogram of potatoes(CSIRO). These show that if there were too much food waste being discarded, the same amount of pollution would it be. However pollution wasn’t the only to be affected, the food waste can also harm Food production lifecycle. In Australia, the food production life cycle is 23 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, making it the second-highest emissions generating activity after power station(. When food is wasted, the energy and resources invested by the food production lifecycle to deliver food to our pantry and plates is loss. This process will have a direct damaging to the transport, food production and distribution.


How to manage the waste became a major problem in this century. “As urbanization continues to take place, the management of solid waste is becoming a major public health and environmental concern in urban areas of many developing countries. ” (Hisashi Ogawa, N.D.) The environment will have a negative impact on the tourists and people’s health. There were several constraints that limit these developing countries, such constraints relate to technology, finance, and institution and social, one thing that can protect the environment is that government should make a strong law to protect environment. “In most developing countries, there typically is a lack of human resources at both the national and local levels with technical expertise necessary for solid waste management planning and operation. Many officers in charge of solid waste management, particularly at...

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