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Government Service Tax Essay

847 words - 4 pages

Assignment on LR Process
(10 Marks)

1. Categorizing your papers

This should be a list of papers that have shaped your thinking so far. You may wish to highlight those that are ‘core’ and those that are more ‘peripheral’ [recognising that what is deemed core and periphery may change over time]. State a list of 15 papers related to your work.

|Core papers |Peripheral papers |
| | |
| ...view middle of the document...

The problem statements may be summarised as:

| |
|We propose to investigate the level of awareness of Malaysian consumers on Goods and Services Tax (GST). We would also like to study |
|the effects of GST towards Malaysian consumers and look into the probability of implementation of the GST in Malaysian tax system. |

Draw a figure to represent the domain area seen as relevant to your study. As shown below:

3. Scoping LR process

Answer ALL of the following questions, refering to the topic and content of your research..

• Why is it an important topic?
• What is the research need and purpose of the review?
• What is the size of the literature?
• What are the origins and definitions of the topic?
• Are there any cross-disciplinary perspectives that need to be
taken into account?
• What are the major issues and debates about the topic?
• What are the key sources? Who are the key authors?
• What are the key theories, concepts and ideas?
• What are the key epistemological and ontological grounds for
the discipline?
• What are the main questions and problems that have been
addressed to date?
• How has knowledge in the topic been structured and
• How have approaches to these questions increased our
understanding and knowledge?

4. Building a critical analysis table

Take your list of articles from above and list of your key authors. Complete the table for all 20 articles.

|WHO is researching… |WHAT aspects of the topic |based on which THEORIES… |and using which |
| |(questions/problems |(concepts/frameworks/models) |METHODS? |
| |addressed)… | | |
|K. Saira, M. A. |An Exploratory Study of Goods and | | |
|Zariyawati & L. Yoke-May |Services Tax | | |
| |Awareness in Malaysia | | |
|Jagdev Singh |Getting GST acceptance will be | | |
| |tough | | |
|Mohd Rizal Palil, Mohd |The Impacts of Goods and Services | | |
|Adha Ibrahim |Tax (GST) | ...

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