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Public relations department in government sector is said to be the oldest department in history which already existed since 12 Sept 1945 during the period Japanese surrendered to the British. Back then it was called "Printing and Publicity Unit", situated in Singapore. PR was known as "Jabatan Perhubungan Raya" in the end of Mac 1946. Later in 1950, "Jabatan Perhubungan Raya" has changed to "Jabatan Penerangan" and is responsible to the Minister of Affairs in State, until 1955 when this department was kept under the Chief Minister's portfolio.The Government Sector needed PR bring forward government's mission to the public and by this, the government will have to set a core to professional public relations. Strategic relation of PR was used to ...view middle of the document...

Just as the Private Sector, the Government Sector will also need to maintain a good media relation so that the media would be able to help in broadcasting information about government's policy, philosophy and vision to gain support, understanding and appreciation from the public. But the government has a higher advantage in gaining the media's attention as the media needs the government to inform them on the latest news and government's decisions and most of the time, these issues are matter of public interest. But the relationship between the Government PR and the media is still considered a two-way beneficial matter. As Government would need media to promote their campaigns, maintain good image among the public and the media would also need the government to provide them with the last information on the government's action and decision. Therefore it became a two-way beneficial situation.In the private sector, PR was used to maintain investor relations, but for the government, as their concern is never monetary profit but those in services. Especially in a democratic country, it is very important for the government to portray a good image and at the same time gain public support and trust. Therefore PR was used as a tool to issue press release, draft speeches, conduct annual meetings and write reports for the government to maintain this relationship with the public.Just as any other private company, the employee in the government sector will have to be satisfied with their position in order to be a productive employee and therefore an asset to the government. Therefore PR was used as a method to improve the employee relationships and communications. PR was used when news and policies are needed to be informed to them and also plays a big role in their on-going motivation and training.

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