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Government Paper

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In the summer of 2013 drama unfolded in the Texas legislature over an abortion bill that was considered during a special session. Texas Senator Wendy Davis and her colleagues attempted to filibuster the bill as the session came to a close, leading Governor Perry to call another special session. This incident is great example to show the Texas politics and government in action through the Formal and Informal power of governor, the roles of the Lieutenant governor and Speaker of the House, role of Grassroots activism and Interest groups, Legislative tactics and rules, and the politics of law making in Texas.
The governor has many roles throughout the legislature. The firmest part ...view middle of the document...

This is an example of effective use in the governor’s formal power. Although the governor has formal powers, he also has Informal powers. Informal powers are resources related to the person holding the office rather than the office itself. Some informal powers include: ceremonial, media, head of party, bargaining powers and national spotlight.
According to The Legislative Process in Texas, the Texas constitution provides that the lieutenant governor serves as president of the senate and the presiding officer of that body. The voters of Texas elect the lieutenant governor statewide and the governor is the chief executive officer of the state. The lieutenant governor in Texas assumes the powers and duties of the governor when the governor is unable to serve or is absent from the state. The Texas constitution names the lieutenant governor the constitutional president of the senate, but the constitution also gives the senate the authority to write its own rules. That is where the lieutenant governor derives most of his power. According to, Texas' lieutenant governor late Tuesday suspended a senator's filibuster against wide-ranging abortion restrictions, but democrats moved quickly to appeal the decision and set off a parliamentary fight over the rules. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is the symbol of the power and authority of the House. The Speaker's most prominent role is that of presiding officer of the House. In this capacity administers proceedings on the House floor, including the power to recognize Members on the floor to speak or make motions and the power to appoint members to conference committees. The speaker also oversees much of the non-legislative business of the House, such as general control over the hall of the house and the house side of the capitol and service as the chairman of the House Office Building Commission. According to, The Texas House of Representatives approved a measure Wednesday that would place broad new restrictions on abortions in the state. Wendy Davis tried to block the bill with a filibuster, talking for more than 10 hours in an attempt to run out the clock on the legislative session.
When a group of people feels strongly enough about an issue to actively campaign to make a difference the group is called “grassroots activism.” The grassroots activism relies on the basic rights to freedom of speech and expression by individuals when it comes to trying to make a change to a particular issue. There were many grassroots activist because of the summer 2013 Texas abortion bill. According to, there were many chants and cheers from a massive crowd gathered outside of the chamber in the rotunda were constantly audible in the Senate, echoing the boisterous conclusion of the first special session. But the audience observing from the packed gallery remained quiet and orderly, with a few exceptions, throughout the proceedings. When lawmakers finished voting on proposed...

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