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Government Media In Adhd Essay

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Analyzing Government Media
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has offered viable information on the several health topics that is offered to the public. With this particular topic on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder the site offers several informational links to the reader. From being able to know what symptoms a child/adult may be suffering from to know what a treatment may be available. This Web site is available to the general public, doctors, parents and all who may be able to access the website. The Center for Disease Control site offers information on most syptoms of ADHD, steps to a diagnosis and possible treatments for the disorder for parents and children also ...view middle of the document...

, Fornari, V., Foley, C., & Kaye, D.2015). Studies also show that children who suffer carry it into adulthood as well. Once diagnosed it is much easier treat a patient.
The logos on this site offers some in site on all health issues it speaks about. Helps people understand that it is not one type of person that suffers from ADHD, there is not a certain look to a child, it can be their own child. Not necessarily all their children but maybe just one of them. The CDC is helpful in not only showing symptoms and how to diagnose an individual but to decide on such treatments. The Web site offers ideas to help, not all kids need to be treated chemically for this disorder but some cases behavior therapy will help as well. The site also states “Public attitudes to new medicines have been strongly influenced by perceptions of whether they are natural or artificial” (Taylor, E. (2014). This could lead to some exaggeration to fears that public may have when children are always getting medicated.
Concluding, information on this Web site is useful to the public when an individual may have concerns or just looking for facts to follow. With the ethos, pathos and logos in this forum every...

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