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Government In Our Schools Essay

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Federal Government Ran Schools A school ran by the Federal Government? I don't know that would be pretty crazy if you ask me. Could you imagine going to your school every day and you think that every thing is cool and fine. That night your school has a Basketball game in Battle Creek and you walk in the school and it looks exactly like yours. That would be stupid lets go over some of the things that would happen if the Federal Government ran all the schools in the United States.First of all I know for a fact that the government would not take the time in arranging every school to fit that ...view middle of the document...

Even more people who could listen to all your problems, and not just one. Because I know for a fact that not everyone is comfortable with talking with just anyone you need a mixture of personalities.Don't get me wrong I don't think that having a school that is ran by the government would be all that bad. In fact I think that it would be a lot safer to go to school. For instance the President said, "After the shootings in Columbine we need to tighten security for are schools" well yes, our school did get cameras as well as hiring more hall monitors. If our school was ran by the government then I think that we would of gotten a lot more security devices such as metal detectors, security guards and uniforms.Uniforms in are school? Probably not but I, personally, would hate to wear them. I feel that it would take away from our idividualality but, in turn, it would help to prevent discrimination toward the less fortunate. And in places like California and places with a lot of gang activity in the schools you would have the kids thinking about school work instead of the kid sitting next to you being in a rival gang.A better learning environment will increase the number of people with better grades. And may even decrease the drop out rate of student in the whole country.In closing I strongly believe that with the government's intervention our school system and our schools would be a safer and better place to learn.

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