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Government Final Essay

1025 words - 5 pages

- 12/7/09

I. From the following items you are to answer 10 ONLY. In a short paragraph you should tell what the item is, what its purpose is/was, why it is important, etc. In other words give a concise answer telling what you know about it.

1. Qualifications to be President-The constitutional qualifications to be a president are as followed. The President must be a natural born US citizen. He must be 35 years or older. He must also have been a resident of the US for the previous 14 years. The 22nd amendment limit’s the president ...view middle of the document...

4. Strict Constructionist- A strict constructionist is a judge or legal authority who believes the Constitution should be interpreted exactly as it was written. The rely on past decisions of the court in making current decisions. This process is know as stare decisis, which means “let the decision stand”. The end result of this is a very conservative court where there are very little or no change in law nor the interpretation of the Constitution. The problem with this type authority is that law and Constitutional interpretation can’t be adjusted to fit the changing times.

5. Civil Service Act of 1883- The Civil Service Act began in 1883. Before 1883 government employees were appointed based on the spoils system. The job was based on who you knew or what you had done to get your party elected. However, in 1881 this all changed. An upset job seeker shot and killed President James Garfield. He blamed Garfield for his failure to get a position. Garfield successor, Chester A. Arthur developed the Civil Service system, congress passed the law to avoid the same situation from occurring again. Jobs were then appointed based on examination and merit. The job seeker must take an exam for the job or promotion to demonstrate that he is qualified. Civil Service positions have great job security and to loose his/her job, there must be documented evidence of incompetence or malfeasance.

6. Miranda Rights- The Miranda right is the requirement, articulated by the Supreme Court, that persons under arrest must be informed prior to police interrogation of their rights to remain silent and to have the benefit of legal counsel.It is important because it is a warning given by police to a criminal suspect advising them of the constitutional right against self-incrimination and of the right to have a lawyer present during any interrogation. These warnings are a result of a 1966 Supreme Court decision Miranda vs. Arizona, that interpreted the meaning and implications of the Fifth Amendment

7. Texas Railroad Commission- The Texas Railroad Commission was created in 1891 by Governor James Hogg to regulate...

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