Government And Politics Time To Stop Lying

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Time to Stop Lying

A great number of young adults have lost interest in the political system of this country. It is really quite simple- the power structure is not working in our favor, we see no great future achievements in legislation or politics, and we would much rather put our energies towards more fulfilling ends. The nature of politics in this country has progressed to a corrupt web of lies and deception that clearly favors the white male who spends his life working nine to five and has given his voice, his freedom, his manhood over to his government.


Those of us who refuse to succumb to this lifestyle find ourselves constantly battling to maintain even a base level ...view middle of the document...

From the make-up of our "Founding Fathers" to the men in power today, we can not take genuine pride and we do not wish to follow in these footsteps. We know that, as voters, we do not have any real power of decision or choice. We know that we are only stooges playing along in a game that, in the end, will be our downfall. We know about the CIA, we know about the FBI, we know about the FDA and the WTO. We know that our needs are not being adequately met by our own government.


We know that the people who built this country are still treated as second class citizens, relegated to the despicable ghettos of the inner city, and forced to be dependent on ludicrous public assistance programs, McDonald's hamburger, and with no hope of owning land, owning a business, being independent and self-sufficient.


Today's youth can see the hypocrisy of working the nine to five job in search of a far-off pension plan and retirement benefits. We will not be blinded like our parents and grandparents. Unfortunately many of us have turned to drug business to make our fortune. We are killing ourselves off, caught in a trap, and we can not see our way out. What we need is our tax money to take care of the basics first. Food, clothes, shelter. A vast majority of this nation's citizens are not clothed, are hungry, and have no roof over their heads. How can we even begin to address the issue of political activity before solving the basic necessities of life?


I'll tell you why we are not voting- a great number of us are...

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