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Governance In Singapore Essay

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|Para 1 |Singapore’s continued success is dependent on anticipating change and staying relevant to a large extent. However, there are also |
| |other important principles that a government must uphold in order to be successful. It must also follow meritocracy and reward |
|Introduction - |people for their hard work and ability. It must also maintain good and capable leadership. |
|Make your stand. | |
|Para 2 |One of the factors that can contribute to the success of Singapore is for the government to be able to anticipate change and stay |
| |relevant. The government must have foresight. It must anticipate problems before we are affected by the problem and find |
|Explain the given |solutions. For example, our government knew that there is no guarantee that Malaysia will renew the water contract after it |
|principle – |expires. Therefore, the government has come up with backup plans like NEWater and water desalination plants to meet our water |
|Anticipating |demand. By anticipating such change, Singapore need not be dependent on others but be more self-sufficient and handle challenges in|
|Change And Staying|a more effective manner. Another example of staying relevant is Singapore’s decision to built Integrated Resorts. We were willing |
|Relevant. |to take calculated risks & come up with the creative & innovative idea of integrated resorts to capture more tourists who would |
| |otherwise go to nearby places like Genting Highland where casinos are found. Due to this effort to stay relevant, we can overcome |
| |competition from places like Genting Highlands and also create more revenue and jobs for Singapore and Singaporeans. This is one |
| |reason for successful governance of Singapore. |
|Para 3 |Practicing meritocracy and rewarding people for their ability and hard work is another important factor for maintaining the success |
| |of Singapore. For example, Singapore offers education incentives such as Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursary for best academic |
|Explain another |talents regardless of their race, religion, socio economic background or connection to important people. Another example is the |
|principle – Reward|monetary Progress Package given out to all citizens. This is a way in which the government shares surplus revenue with all citizens|
|for Work |as a form of reward for...

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