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Thatcherism was the name given to the type of policies that were put in place, by the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The policies primarily involved the idea monetarism, privatization, and strong law and order. Thatcherism put emphasis on the government controlling the amount of money that was in circulation in Britain, so that inflation was kept at a steady level and so it was not a hindrance to economic growth. Moreover, it also involved getting the public sector opened up, so that the private sector could get involved in it. This was done in order to once again stimulate economic growth and create jobs, as private firms run more efficiently than public ones, which allows them to ...view middle of the document...

She also emphasised the need for economic growth in this country, and these policies are such, that they would stimulate economic growth as they would help create a ‘free market’ by which there are low barriers to entry and lower unit costs for companies. Lastly, Cameron’s willingness to abandon the ‘50p’ income tax policy further shows that Thatcherism is still influencing the conservatives, as when she was in power, she use to support the people that were very wealthy, as they were an integral part to our economy and they were very important for economic growth.

Moreover, unlike the economic policies of today’s conservative party, the social policies of the party seem to show a clear break from Thatcherism. For instance, David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ idea contrasts sharply to Thatcher’s government, as she once declared that ‘there is no such thing as society’. Following on, in terms of education, Thatcherism could be considered to be abandoned in the Conservative Party, due to the fact that when Thatcher was in power, she shared a lot of support for grammar schools, as she thought that the children with most ability should go to better schools. However, there was a total contradiction of this by David Cameron in his ‘Built to Last’ statement, in which he stated that there would be more ‘streaming and setting’ in schools. This involved more classes of children with similar abilities, as Cameron believed that this would give every child an equal chance of doing well in school. Also, the creation of ‘free schools’ also supported this. There was also a clear break form Thatcherism, when Cameron stated in his ‘Built to Last’ statement that there would be ‘binding annual targets’ for carbon emissions. Cameron has been keen to give environmental issues a greater prominence within conservative party policies, as seen by the fact that the party used the slogan ‘Vote Blue, Vote Green’ in their 2010 manifesto. This was evidently different from policies of Thatcher’s time, because at the time of Thatcher, the environment was not high on the agenda, although the fact that she encouraged the use of coal fired power stations was not exactly good for the environment. Therefore, in terms of the environment, Thatcherism has been abandoned in the conservatives, partly because there was not as much emphasis on environmental policies during Thatcher’s reign. However, in terms of law and order in the social policies, there still seems to be an influence of Thatcherism. For instance, after the recent riots that hit Britain, Cameron responded to them by labelling...

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