Gossip And The Work Force Essay

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Gossip in the Workplace and Organizational
Changes that Employee must face
By: Kara Mann

GM 570Managing Conflict in the Workplace
October 16 2011
Professor: Charles Desjardins

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These employees were fired for gossip and deplumation of others. They were fired fairly
There are many ways to defuse workplace gossip and in this paper I will be pointing out many of these different ways to resolve and handle conflict issues in organizations.

“Gossip is a world-wide management distraction that will never go away”
(Mauzenne, 2010). Managers are not trained to handle interpersonal issues of conflict; they were not taught how to defuse arguments between employees. Gossip is everywhere, and within all organizations; churches, schools, manufacturing plants, retail stores, cars sales, and even at home.
Learning to manage and find resolution for the gossip in these organizations vary in different ways. There are many different style to defusing arguments, conflict, or even violence that can occur from a disagreement, depending on how the situation is handled and if it escalates or not. In many cases the conflict is resolved before it turns violent.
Gossip starts because one person says something about another party, which is usually a negative statement that was made about the second party and they did not like what was stated when the gossip makes it back to them, (it usually does make it back to the second party what the first party stated about them).
The gossip does not stop until a third party defuses it and there has been a resolution to the conflict. It takes time; situations cannot just be fixed overnight. Mediators are usually the answer to resolve conflict, many organizations and court systems use them, which saves time and money. Mediators usually deal with small conflicting issues, which do not need to involve lawyers or a judge’s ruling.
Organizations need to hire a third party to assist them with employee gossip and conflict.

The parties that are usually involved in the gossip conflicting issues are people that have too much time on their hands while at work. The employee that is always roaming around talking to everyone and asking about everyone’s personal lives is the one that is the start of gossip.
Reason I state this is because they are being busy bees chatting it up with everyone, which means they are talking about others in the organization.
Many people engage in gossip without even realizing that they have done so. This is because they are so use to the daily routine of chatting in their own cliques, and the people that are within this clique usually always do the same when they talk to anyone else, they automatically just start talking about other and what they have heard about them lately. Gossip is sad, shows poor interaction and shows poor communication skills with others. People who gossip usually have nothing better to do with their time and they believe that if they talk about others and know everything about others that they will be liked. This kind of interactions with others almost always usually backfires and the one that is the gossip is usually not liked they are being used...

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