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Gospel Message Essay

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1. What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture?
There are several different views and beliefs of the Christian gospel. Some include: the Bible is a nice story but is just that a story; if I just say a Salvation prayer I am saved; if I treat others well and do good deeds I will get into Heaven; and, the Bible was written so long ago that it is not really relevant in today’s time; to just name a few.
The Christian view of the gospel is one of good news. The gospel, in the Bible tells us that God loved us as sinners so much, He sent His only Son to pay the price for our sinful nature by dying on the cross. By understanding, and believing in our minds, our bodies (heart), and our souls that: we are sinners; that God sent His Son to die for our sins; that Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead; that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ; and by believing these things in our hearts and professing it with our mouths, we are saved.

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Another reason is the belief that there is no real right or real wrong in the world.

3. What are some specific emotional reasons people may reject the Christian gospel?

The love or lust for money, power, or other material worldly possessions, can lead to the rejection of the gospel.
The fear of being too sinful to be forgiven and the fear of being rejected by God for not being a good person worthy of His love and Heaven is also an emotional reason.
Anger is a common emotional reason for rejecting the Christian gospel. Many people who suffer the loss of a loved one, whether it is a child, parent, spouse, or a friend experience anger towards God. This loss of life causes many to reject God and view Him as an unloving God.

4. What are some specific intellectual reasons people may reject the Christian gospel?
There is no proof that God exists. Since God is not real He could not have created anything. The previous statement is one reason some use to reject God and the Christian gospel. I would as a Christian state that God is real. All you have to do is read the Bible, look around you, take a breath and have faith.
Another intellectual reason for the rejection of the gospel is that someone was raised in a different religion. For example, someone was raised in the Buddhism religion, and accepts Buddhism as their religious truth and belief.
Other intellectual reasons are the belief in certain scientific theories such as: the Big Bang Theory and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.
5. What can Christians do to address these objections and better communicate the Christian gospel?

As Christians we can share the gospel with others. Along with the gospel we can share how we came to know Christ as our personal Savior, and how our lives were transformed through this process. It is important to remember when we share the Christian gospel to do so in a peaceful, kind, and loving Christian way. Then we need to give them time to process all we have shared. We can be there to answer any questions they may ask, and we need to remember to be patient. Then we need to place them, through prayer, in the hands of God and the rest is up to the individual and God Himself.

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