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Google Vs The World Essay

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In todays world social networking is the main part of most peoples lives. Social networks such as “Facebook” and “Twitter” help maintain your identity across many different devices. Facebook has been around the web for a while now but on June 28 Google’s senior vice president of engineering, Vic Cundotra, introduced the company’s latest social network project called Google Plus. The revealing ...view middle of the document...

Google+ Versus Facebook
The main concern between these two social networks is privacy. Facebook’s privacy settings have been criticized as confusing and hard to manipulate. In order to compete with Facebook

“Google has to make the permission and privacy settings more tractable and easier to manipulate” (Beer)

Says Senior Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff. Google is definitely succeeding in making this possible with its shorter privacy settings at only 1,000 words compared to Facebook’s 6,000 and with easier wording and terms the average person is able to understand it without having to be a computer genius. Another advantage of Google+ is that it does not take “your interests” from your profile and create ads all over the page. Sources say that eventually there will be ads but as of now there are none. Facebook does take your interests from your profile and create ads that are targeted to them on the sides of the page. Some people might see this as an invasion of privacy and thus switch to Google+ because of it. Another feature of Google+ that helps with privacy is this feature called “Circles” this element allows a person to put their friends in groups and have each group...

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