Google's Strategy In 2011 Essay

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Google’s Strategy in 2011
Zhengzheng Bao, Brian Haggard, Win Qin
Google strives to “organize the world’s information … and make it universally accessible and useful”. The most effective and profitable way to accomplish this mission is to put the needs of Google’s users first. How will Google accomplish this immense goal in an ever-changing market?
Google’s Strategy in 2011
Zhengzheng Bao, Brian Haggard, Win Qin
Google strives to “organize the world’s information … and make it universally accessible and useful”. The most effective and profitable way to accomplish this mission is to put the needs of Google’s users first. How will Google accomplish this immense ...view middle of the document...

 Google has done this thus far by making a profit, innovating, and maintaining their market position.
        Google focuses on the end user and all else seems to follow.  In our minds, the most important factor is that there is always more information out there.  This is what keeps hope alive.  Google has grown in a very gradual manner that serves as a strong foundation for years to come.  Google was able to grow during the recession in 2009.  Google is able to operate on a relatively low operating cost while at the same time, using state of the art technology.  It is important that Google uphold its corporate philosophy guidelines. Steering away from these guidelines will result in a diminished brand image and is everything but acceptable. Google must also treat its employees, its most valuable resource, in a manner that induces productivity.  Without the knowledge that rests in the minds of these employees Google would “treading in rough water”.  
First and foremost, we recommend that Google continue forward with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. This will accelerate both innovation and choice in mobile computing. Basically, consumers will get the benefit of better phones at lower prices. Also, the patent portfolio of Motorola will help protect the Android system. We feel that Google has great software, and Motorola is good at devices, therefore this combination makes sense and will result in speedier innovation. To re-iterate, Google must take advantage of this opportunity if it wants to continue on the successful path it has led thus far.
Google Inc. has maintained a clear vision and thus been able to maintain a steady, yet gradual, growth rate. Most simply put, this growth stems from new ideas and innovation. We would recommend that Google continue the diversification of its products and expand further into operations in multiple markets, perhaps the mobile phone industry being most important. The introduction of innovative products like Chrome OS, Android, Google Cloud Platform, Google Glass and Google Self Driven Cars will help maintain and grow their market share. It is essential that Google continue to invest in R&D, which will create opportunities to increase the search, and improve technology and communication. The intent of this is not to redirect their strategy. The ability of Google to launch itself into the hardware section of the mobile phone industry will ultimately result in a larger search engine market share. Google must also tap into areas that have not yet been touched by other companies. For example, the “pen computer”, which is a computer that utilizes an electronic pen rather than a keyboard for input. Conceivably, through the Project Glass research and development project started in early 2013, Google has begun to develop Google Glass. This is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display and acts in the same manner as a smartphone, except it’s hands free.
Google should...

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