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Google’s Plight For Excellence, Has It Been Tarnished Is There Redemption?

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Focus on the user and all else will follow, of course with any company we as the consumer we expect to be the back bone of the company and their driving force. We expect that there should be a happy medium of things we don’t like so well and things we just can’t do without. We look for simplistic values and traits and pursue what seems to be easy and we run with it. while the internet is the basis of just about everything we in society do to maintain I would hope that speed, simplicity, and product knowledge was either make or break any consumer from using one site from the next. At Google, the goal is to focus on the YOU the consumer.
Originally, Google was a research project that was ...view middle of the document...

We would need to look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) that the company would encounter throughout its life cycle. Below is an illustration of that information.


* Leading player in the global Internet software and industry market
* Low operating cost in reference to products and services
* Requires very little end user marketing (no need of advertisement by mouth)
* Simple interface
* Strong social networking/media segment market share…Youtube and Gmail are among the top video services and social networking sites
* Provides interface to over 100 plus languages
* Offers programs such as search by location-to assist consumer to locating vendors in a close proximity, Google map and Google Talk
* Doesn’t keep user waiting while transitioning from site to site by bombarding with advertisements
* Sponsored links tabs available for customers who want to research advertisements while browsing and are conveniently placed at the top of web pages

* Top management leaving Google and moving to top competitors
* Repetitive indexes during subject searches
* Lack of production integration
* Cost per click pricing- somewhat confusing for business owners and marketers to pin point where their ads will be placed
* Spammers manipulate Google’s ranking technology and make dummy sites at which point they add sites they feel Google should have ranked on their page
* Its search by location can result in error
* Results from searches often back wrong
* Mobile market
* Android phone and applications
* Become a more marketable company to push move ads like its competitors to produce more revenue
* Link with a more profitable company to gain more users and access more advertisers
* Concentrate on Asia-Pacific market
* Possibility of censorship
* Legal trails
* Competition from firms like Yahoo and MSN
* Ad blocker software
* Library services become less visible
* Privacy concerns regarding content ownership
* Suffering due to recession

After reviewing Google’s substantial business profile, I have come to the conclusion that although they generate revenue almost by the second, they are also loosing. It’s hard for some companies to thrive in a every changing environment if there is no plan and structure. Google by far has one of the best customer service environments around; however what do you tell the consumer who is tired of getting the same information on every page, just reworded differently? I believe that when it comes to indexing for this company they could look at the information that they are offering and limit it to what is relevant. I don’t feel that there is a need for so many indexes with the same content. It also seems that the company is losing a lot of their major players in recent years, their top chair in executive levels has left...

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