Google: One Of Australia’s Best Places To Work

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Google: one of Australia’s best places to work
Employee Motivation and Rewards

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1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Problem Identification 3

3.0 Critical Analysis 4

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1.0 – Introduction

Employee recognition is the timely, informal or formal acknowledgement of a person’s or team’s behaviour, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values (Schermerhorn; Davidson; Poole; Simon; Woods; Chau;, 2010). But are these assumingly non-monetary rewards and motivations enough to keep an employee performing at their ...view middle of the document...

2.0 – Problem Identification

Employees who have achieved a required goal or level or work output consistently over a period of time and realised nothing more than non-monetary based extrinsic and intrinsic rewards or ‘soft perks’ from their employer could be a potential threat to the future efficiency and effectiveness of any company striving to get the most out of its people.

3.0 – Critical Analysis

In 2011’s Great Places to Work Study, Google Australia once again came in at first place matching the performance of its parent company which topped Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for in the 2012 exclusive list. Google possesses a unique style of people management encompassing a high regard for creativity and a very healthy respect for the work life balance of its employees offering unlimited sick days and a ’20 per cent time’ policy where employees can spend up to 20 per cent of their work time on a project of their choosing which among other reasons has been determined as the reason Google Australia has been so successful. However, if possessing an extravagant employee rewards program such as Google’s is acting as a replacement for salary increases or as a distraction from below par salary increases, one could argue that as Herzberg’s two-factor theory suggests, employees would eventually become immune to the novelty of these rewards and their motivational potential will wear out, thereby breading an increasingly complacent culture in longer standing staff unless new and more highly valued rewards are offered (Rodgers, et al., 1992).

Feelings of expectancy, instrumentality and valence are three of the most important driving factors in why employees do what they do and if employees are left feeling like these driving forces are never going to get them anywhere, they begin to think that their work effort is futile, and feelings of inequality emerge leading to the standard of work being produced by employees starting to drop off until those feelings of expectancy and instrumentality are restored again by a promise of a reward that the employee places a high value on such as a pay increase or promotion (Schermerhorn; Davidson; Poole; Simon; Woods; Chau;, 2010).

Herzberg’s two-factor theory suggests merely improving Hygiene factors, or job context, such as working conditions like adding a pool table or adding pipped music, and organisational policies such as implementing a no smoking policy or allowing flexible working hours will not in itself increases satisfaction among employees, but merely makes people less dissatisfied with these aspects of their jobs (Schermerhorn; Davidson; Poole; Simon; Woods; Chau;, 2010). A competitive salary as well as the existence of satisfier factors such as proper recognition from an employee’s manager and the potential for advancement to a different role is also critical for employees to remain happy and keep motivated within the current job roles (del-Rey-Chamorro, et al., 2003).


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