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Google Mini Case Essay

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Google: Dealing with China
Group 1 - What major pros and cons are there, regarding alternatives for addressing issues/opportunities?
Some of the major pro’s that may be present while addressing issues and opportunities is that it may force individuals to think of alternative methods to conduct their business. Some of the advantages of coming up with new ideas is that it can also lead to new opportunities that may not have presented themselves had they not been forced to confront something that was atypical to begin with. Issues and opportunities often go hand-in-hand and is one of the primary precursors for entrepreneurs to begin their own business – identify an issue, or a need, and ...view middle of the document...

At first with the cases assigned I notice myself compelled to answer based on personal convections or values gain from begin raised in a small town in Southern Alabama. For the answering of weather to move forward with more extensive operations in China, I will look mainly to the financial explication of this move. What would be involved? What would it cost?
You can't start the discussion of moving forward until the issues of government censorship has been addressed. The cost of complying to these regulations alone would destroy even the largest of companies. Potential gains, what are the projected increases in incremental marketing revenues? This article stated a small fraction of Chinese users shop online? Will there be a demand for advertising?
My recommendation is to take it slow, maybe continue at first with outside servers and move to internal as time passes. Then like Apple does so well do updates and releases that address issues such as dead links and time outs as the show up. They are already a powerhouse with a great future, why Jeopardize that for one country?
That recommedation of "sitting back" and waiting may not be the perfect one. But "doing no harm" right now seems valid.
Group 3 - Describe the main issues and/or opportunities facing Google, regarding China, in this case.
The two main issues are derived from Google wanting to best serve their end user. The company has stood by the goals they have set forth, the issue they have struggled with is which of the two options will best benefit their users. The company wants to provide services and expand their market into China, but the double edged sword is that if they do they are liable to expose user privacy to the government. This in turn takes away the users rights and restricts the freedoms Google tries to hard to foster. The want to "do no evil", but depending how you define both options each could be evil. Do they take away freedoms or service, which in itself is a freedom. Either way Google would be restricting the users freedom and they are unsure what step to take. After seeing the trap Yahoo fell into, I think it has added an extra degree of caution to Google's actions and choices.
This may be an unpopular opportunity, but since Google is getting such poor rating and response from China this may be an excellent opportunity to work against the governments regime and help give freedom to the people through Googles multitude of resources. This could foster international goodwill, increase their CSR and potentially earn them increased revenues.

Google is losing market share because of the bad internet connection service. The citizens of China want to haveaccess to the internet at all time. Google competition, Baidu was use by mostly younger students for entertainment, not business. Google tried to laumched a Chinese language version but everytime they tried to connect in...

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