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Google Human Ressources Dillema Essay

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European University |
Googles HR Dilemma |
Management Skills – Case 02 |
Sousan Shabi, Benazzouz Zouhair & Lukas Fischer |
11/2/2014 |


During his last interview the Human resources director of Google told the world that we have only 0,2% chances to get hired in his company, he stated that each year Google receives 3 millions job applies and that they hire only 7000 out of the 3 millions. Everybody wants to work for Google, the video posted on internet on the work conditions there make us all dream, but why ? In this part we are going to analyze that corporate culture of Google envies by all.
Let us first talk about the first aspects of this culture, which shows up ...view middle of the document...

Even at top level management, since the beginning the founders decided to go for a democratic way of taking decision, making a decision approved if they were 2 voices against one. Yet, Mister Schmitt had a kind of veto if there was a enormous case putting the company in danger. Talking about democracy, it was not applied in all aspects, at least since the beginning you could see two parts of employees within the Internet giant: In one hand you had the engineers coming from top level universities benefiting from the company stock option and being part of all internal discussion and on the other hand contractors working with the first part, not benefiting from any stock option and not even having access to the intranet of the company. Before talking about the hiring process in more details and analyzing its contribution to the culture of the company, it’s important to state that the two founders kept a close eye to all hirings. We have seen in another class that the longer you spend on the hiring process the less chances of job exciting you face, here the founders are putting such a quality control process on the hiring, selecting people that fit exactly on the clear need of the company that they end with people staying a lot and who can do a lot more than a bigger amount of working competition force.
Google was not strict about time and punctuality, but were completely aware that this choice could and was generating penalties with their partners, but we think that they believe that leaving people with freedom about their time table was increasing their creativity and productivity in many manners that would overcome the penalties faces with the lack of punctuality. Assigning different titles to make differences between managers was also not part of Google culture, what really matters is not the tittle but the project achievement and interconnection with the coworkers, and you can see it in many parts of the case that Google teams love to talk to each others in all different manners.
Google gives huge benefits and like to make its worker be part of it, showing and giving them the opportunities to make so great amounts of money.
Let’s come back to the hiring process. Known as one of the most elitist process in its market, Google see the top engineers that are all a possible asset for it’s continuous growth. In the case you can read that Google beside from its hiring process bases its first selections more on the level of the University than anything. If you are coming from a great University with a great file you have more chances than someone coming from a recognized company. Without getting into details the hiring process includes coding contests, mysterious billboard and an aptitude test. Prospects have to face 8 interviewers from the company not necessarily part of the human resources department that would rate each candidate from 1 to 4. This particular process insure two things to the workers selected: First and acknowledgment by at least...

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