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Google: Dont's Be Evil Essay

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Google: “Don’t Be Evil”
The World’s Most Admired Company

Google: “Don’t Be Evil”
The World’s Most Admired Company

Admiration is defined by the Webster’s Dictionary as “a feeling of great respect and approval”. With this definition we can begin to look for the company’s that command respect amongst the public, while also gaining the collective approval of their employees. Outside of a fancy definition, we feel that to truly differentiate the most admirable companies from the run-of-the-mill companies as in-depth analysis must be done. In our analysis we focus on four major categories: the company’s history, how did this company rise to the current level of prominence?, product, ...view middle of the document...

During this time they purchased an acquisition of online video-sharing site YouTube costing $1.65 billion. Along with the purchases that Google has made throughout the years they have also made high profile agreements with News Corp and Viacom’s MTV Networks.
Google has expanded in many ways and on multiple platforms throughout its history. They have continued to branch out in the mobile computing technology by releasing a smartphone Nexus One that didn’t have too much success. Their smartphone technology runs on the Android market; which is an open source mobile computing system. Google acquired the Android market in 2005. To further branch out in the smartphone industry they bought Motorola Mobility in 2012 for $12.5 billion. Due to the lack of success in the smartphone industry they sold Motorola Mobility just two years later to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, but they will continue to own Motorola’s technology patents.

Search Process
You won’t need to search very far. You won’t need to dig very deep. You don’t need statistical data. It is safe to say that is the most widely used and most popular search engine of choice worldwide. According to, receives over 1 Billion unique monthly visitors, which nearly quadruples second place ranked Microsoft’s Why is Google four times likely to be used than any other search engine? “Google's search engine was Google's first product and continues to be the company's most popular product. Google web searches provide relevant results quickly. Google uses a secret algorithm to rank results of their keyword searches. PageRank is a component of this algorithm” (Karch 2014). To better understand what draws over 1 billion unique visitors each month, lets discuss the search process.
When performing a Google search there are three key parts to the behind-the-scenes process: crawling, indexing, and serving. Crawling is a term used to describe how Google navigates through 60 trillion individual web pages. Googlebot fetches (or“crawls”) from link to link and page to page using an algorithmic process. Algorithms are programs and formulas used to deliver the best results possible. Spelling, synonyms, query understanding, and autocomplete are just a few of the clues algorithms look for when putting together search results. While Googlebot crawls it refreshes previous crawl lists with new sites, changes to existing sites, and dead links and creates a constantly updated index. The index keeps track of over 100 million gigabytes of information. Googlebot notes all the words it sees and stores their location on each page in this index (Google 2014).
Once results are pulled from the index they are then ranked by relevancy. Over 200 factors help determine how relevant a page is to the user. Freshness, search safety, site and page quality, user context, translation, and universal search are some examples of the factors used to determine PageRank, a Google term that determines...

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