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Google: Dont Be Evil Unless....Article Review

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Unit V Case Study: “Google: Don’t Be Evil Unless….
By: Fasoro Adepitan, Columbia Southern University, USA
MBA 6301, Business Ethics Assessment.
The article focus on the evolution of Google from starting operations in a garage in Silicon Valley in 1998 to become one of the most powerful technology-driven companies in the world. Google’s philosophy is to offer everyone in the world free access to all information around the world; however, various ethical issues were raised from different quarters against Google’s operations. The first issue raised is the privacy of Gmail provided by Google. Customers complained of Google searching the contents of e-mails and design “customized” ads based ...view middle of the document...

Critics were quick to point out that this program was an attempt to violate copyright laws by having copyrighted materials without the consent of the authors, Google faces various lawsuits for this violation and Google acquisition of You Tube for $1.65 billion, also come with additional copyright issues. Besides, the role of click fraud, which generate ninety-nine percent of Google’s revenue from advertisers who pay Google every time a user clicks on the ad that are displayed within the Google results, also raised question from Google’s critics, who complained that Google is not responsive to the concerns of its advertisers on Google’s AdSense click frauds. (Stanwick, P.A. & Stanwick S.D. 2014) Lastly, the issue on Google’s sting of buzz, which is a combination of the features of Facebook and Twitter, buzz was linked to Gmail and whenever a user open Gmail account , they were automatically given network of friends that were selected by Google. The users were not impressed, as they complained that this was an invasion of privacy. Google executives also faced six-month suspended sentences for violation of Italian Privacy laws. Other European countries also accused Google of violating their Privacy laws by illegally tapping into private networks to obtain information. Google invasion of privacy with its Android smartphones, which transmit their locations back to Google, was also criticized. (Stanwick, P.A. & Stanwick S.D. 2014)

1. No, Google is not supposed to censor searches in China based on its mission to offer everyone in the world free access to all of the information in the world but Google compromised to the pressure of Chinese government to altered internet search results in China. Google has adjusted its search process to comply with the strict censorship and security laws imposed by the Communist Party in China, this action contradict the mission of Google and also violate Chinese people right of access to all information....

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