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Google Critical Analysis

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome, Google’s new freeware web browser, which was released in September of 2008, is looking to move forward to taking over additional “verticals”. Then intended goal of Google Chrome is to be on every screen its consumers utilize which is why Google Chrome has been described as “Google’s most potent strategic weapon”. Through being connected to customers on different platforms, Google is able to know its consumer better. This rapport enables Google to charge more to companies who advertise on their website because increased knowledge about the customer allows advertisements to be targeted which ultimately leads to larger profits for Google (Albanesius).
Google’s value is based solely on what they can provide their true customers-the advertisers. Being able to provide advertisers with the most specific information about ...view middle of the document...

This would take Google beyond what they currently know about their user base increasing the value of their product even more.
While looking at opportunities that surround Google it is also important to look at threats the company may face as well. Google may face opposition from users as they grow bigger and delve into knowing more about their users. There is something about knowing a users every move that will make them weary of using the popular search tool. As Google expands it should stay humble with the amount of “noise” these merges and acquisitions create. They should keep hold of their small start up roots so users do not feel like they are being used in creating a conglomerate. Google should steer clear of becoming the next company people love to hate.
By implementing both of these recommendations Google would see an increase in knowing more about their users, hence, an increase in revenue. In addition the company would be able to dodge any negative criticism by making sure they are giving off the right goals and “feel”. Measuring the success of these recommendations can almost be found in itself. Through monitoring Twitter feeds, Google executives can see what people are saying about their company. Whether negative or positive, Google will have a front row seat in seeing reactions from consumers.
Through completing this critical analysis, I have come to find that creating a brand involves many different variables. I learned that when looking to expand sometimes acquisitions are sometimes better than trying to duplicate that other company.

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