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Google Case Study

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Case Study: Is Google Too Powerful?

Google Inc. is a multinational public corporation which industrialised in offering Internet search services and computer software. The company was founded by Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page in September 4, 1988 in Menlo Park, California. Google served worldwide with its services and products and was headquartered in California, United States. Google's rapid growth since its incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions, and partnerships beyond the company's core search engine. The company offers online productivity software, such as its Gmail-mail software, and social networking tools, including Orkut and, most ...view middle of the document...

Besides that, Google was also sued by a group of publishers in the year 2005 over copyright issues as well. This is because Google did not ask permission from the publishers including The McGraw-Hill Companies before launching the library project and claimed that copying books to provide few texts in searches was fair enough under copyright law (Hof, 2007).

The third problem faced is that Google often neglect or give vague responses to click-fraud problem happened in Google’s ad whether it happened in AdSense or AdWords. Click fraud refers to fake clicks on Google ad to make money. Some of them think that Google are not responding to this problem (Hof, 2007).Based on Thys, “They all had the same story we had: They’d submitted data to Google about possible click fraud and hadn’t gotten any kind of satisfactory response” (Thys, 2006).Google has also been sued by Seattle locksmith for suspected click-fraud. The lawsuit alleges to offer refund for suspected click-fraud in Google’s AdWords agreement (Davis, 2010). Google's risked $6 billion for advertising business a year because the management cannot be sure that anyone is looking at its ads or committing a click-fraud action (Schneier, 2006). Although Google has repeatedly upgrades and improves its fraud-detection tools, but the people are still able to violate it and the fraud is committed again so this is a big challenge for Google (Schneier, 2006).

Even though Google is a very popular and a good search engine which can run searches in Chinese language among users in China but Google are blocked by China (BBCNews, 2002). China populations are high and are a profitable market in China, so, it is a big challenge when it is blocked by China. Google is blocked because the government in China maintains tight control over the Internet contents. Google has posted something sensitive such as censored pictures on the “Google” word on the main page (Thompson, 2009). Besides, Google also allow pornography links and websites to appear in the search results which lead to China blockage (Liedtke, 2010). In the other hand, in Russia, Google has run into entirely different setbacks as a popular search engine. Google was blocked by Russia’s FAS anti-trust authority from gaining into the country’s online advertising business (Andrews, 2008). Google will not be its default search engine but the domestic search engine, Yandex in its Russian models as announced by Mozilla, the popular browser for Firefox (Thompson, 2009).

Besides, Germany's Federal Cartel Office has informed Google about complaints on their search engines. The publishers’ complaint about the unfairness in Google search results and gain profit from journals that are expensive to be produced. Thus, Google will be facing investigation on the case (Anon, 2010). Another challenge faced by Google will be upholding the search engine in order to maintain the highest visits of consumers in the market against competitors such as Microsoft and...

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