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Google And Motorola Essay

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IBM Software Group Business Analytics

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The right architecture for business intelligence
The foundation for effective enterprise BI


The right architecture for business intelligence

In a fast, interconnecting and complex world, it is no longer enough to decide and act on the basis of limited information or traditional strategic planning cycles. New challenges and opportunities require agility: the ability to quickly assess, reinvent and adjust. Business analytics is helping many organizations achieve this kind of agility. Analytics software brings together business intelligence (BI) capabilities such as reporting, analysis and scorecarding with ...view middle of the document...

Why architecture is important
A software system’s architecture determines its ability to meet business needs now and in the future. The right architecture paves the way for the success of the system and, ultimately, of the organization. An open platform based on architecture that is built specifically for analytics and designed for evolving and growing business demands meets the needs of both IT and business users. For IT, BI software delivers more value when it
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Integrates easily with an organization’s infrastructure Supports today’s technology and standards Adjusts readily to evolving needs Consolidates all data in an organization Scales as user demand grows Performs reliably Provides centralized administration that does not overtax budgets and human resource budgets and human resources

For business, BI software must suit the many roles, different skills and changing needs of users. The business expects BI software to provide data in many different formats, including regular reports, responses to impromptu queries, scorecards and dashboards and yet ensure that it is “a single version of the truth” so decisions can be made confidently. In addition, the business wants BI software to be interactive, available in the office and on the go and accessible to all who need to use it. An open platform simplifies IT environments, accelerates business decisions and provides competitive advantage by ensuring that an organization’s investment can be used today and also be ready for tomorrow.

Business Analytics


Attributes of an effective enterprise-scale BI architecture
Analyst findings and IBM’s experience with Fortune 1000 organizations point to several common characteristics and values of enterprise-scale BI architecture. These requirements are fundamental to business intelligence systems that will be deployed broadly throughout the organization. All of these qualities are delivered largely through the underlying architecture.
Usability To reach the broadest possible audience, a BI solution must provide a common user interface, recognize and accommodate different types of users, and offer all and be accessible on a range of technology, including mobile devices. It must be searchable so that users can capitalize on BI information that the organization has already created. There must be a single interface for all BI capabilities that can be used to navigate through scorecards, dashboards or reports. IT must be able to enable more or less functionality to fit the needs of different users. For organizations with many data assets, applications and users, it’s critical that a BI solution deliver a common view of the business — so managers and other workers do not have to worry about the validity of their numbers when compared to other people’s numbers. The single view must be based on all the data, and the quality of the data must be maintained to ensure user confidence. Data modelers must be able to create an...

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