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Goodwill Industries Essay

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Goodwill industry is a global leader in the social services industry. They generate opportunities for people to help them achieve economic stability. They also help to build strong families and build their communities by offering job training, employment placement services, and many other community based programs for all kinds of people, and in a variety of different industries including in computer programming, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and even construction. These people include those with disabilities, those who lack education, and those who have little or no job experience, and those who are having trouble finding employment. The way that they pay for these programs is through selling donated clothes and other household goods. There are currently 165 independent community-based Goodwill agencies in the United States and Canada, along with 14 affiliates in 13 other countries. Together they have provided ...view middle of the document...

They work with community partners to provide a vast array of services for those families that come to them for help. Some of these services include child care, residential and medical services, youth mentoring and transportation services. In 2011, Goodwill helped more than 4 million people train for careers in banking, IT, all while getting the support services that they needed in order to be successful.
Goodwill Industries has struggled with some discrimination issues within the company that include racial discrimination, and those with disabilities being treated unfairly. Being one of the best known non-profit organizations, they have often been accused of paying some of their employees with disabilities less than minimum wage. Although arguments have been made from both sides, some have argued that paying people with disabilities less than minimum wage is appropriate because at least they are being given the opportunity to be active and participate in society as working individuals. Others disagree saying that by doing so this is a clear violation to the minimum wage law. It is my personal opinion that this practice is unfair, discriminatory, immoral, and definitely unethical. It comes across as taking advantage of the employees with the disabilities and makes the organization look not-so-good, even after providing the persons with disabilities with the reasonable training they need to succeed in their jobs. Minimum standards must apply to all employees despite their disabilities, race, or sexual orientation, and must include paying all employees at least minimum wage.
Whether Goodwill Industries continues to grow or fails, there will always be new issues that arise, and the company must readily be able to be proactive in dealing with them. The benefits of being able to effectively address all of these issues will create less turnover, lower employee absenteeism, better communication between management and employees, and better relationships overall both inside and outside the organization. Ultimately the employees will spend far less time defending themselves against real and perceived threats, and more time on improving their process and innovation.

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