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Good Year And Tire Rubber Company

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Good Year Tire and Rubber Company Case Analysis

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a profitable business which was founded in 1898. When 38 year old Frank Seiberling purchased the company he knew nothing on the longevity and success it would bring. Mr. Seiberling installed a down payment on the first Goodyear plant with a borrowed amount of $3500.During the late 1800s and early 1900s cotton and rubber were considered the lifeblood of the industry. At the time of Goodyear’s founding the existence of bicycles was fresh and business was booming at an increasing rate. With faith and the determination of 13 employees Goodyear’s initial production line consisted of bicycle and ...view middle of the document...

The market can be segmented in groups by income of households, age, and type of car. The Goodyear brand is the market share leader in North America and in Latin America
There are several competitors in the U.S. tire market: Firestone, Bridgestone, Continental AG, Michelin and other private labels. The benefit Goodyear has amongst its competitors is the fact that it pulls in a more price focused group of consumers.
S 1. Leading tire manufacturer in North America and Latin America 2. Strong brand identity established 3. Consumer loyalty 4. Strong management team with over 70,000 employees around the world | W 1. Over leveraged financial position 2. Penetrating competition in the tire industry creates a constant market. 3. Studies have revealed that GY has produced an increasing amount of air pollution. 4. |
O 1. Can capitalize on emerging markets can allow a successful expansion abroad 2. Innovative advertising campaigns that stick with potential consumers 3. Better distribution channels will result in better brand recognition and an increase in sales to a more diverse market. ...

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