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Good Vs. Bad Relationships Essay

784 words - 4 pages

Osas Odigie
Mr. Aube
Dec 11, 2012

Characteristics Of a Good and Bad Relationship

1. There are many factors that determine if a relationship could be considered either good or bad. Moreover, a good relationship can be determined by discovering the many factors that make it so. I believe that there are two stages to a good relationship: the beginning, and the ride. It is essential in every good relationship to have a good beginning. Every relationship begins with love and one does not need to be “in love” to be in a relationship; this is misunderstood between many couples. Anyway, love is the beginning of every relationship but in order for a relationship to be considered good, that ...view middle of the document...

Honesty is highy important in every good relationship, a couple must communicate openly and truthfully, admit mistakes, acknowledge mistakes from their past relationships; if any , and accept responsibility for eachother. Responsibility is also a major characteristic and it is shown by making family/relationship decisions together, mutually agreeing on a distribution of work which is fair to both partners. If parents, the couple shares parental responsibilities and acts as positive, non-violent role models for the children. The last characteristic is romance. More often than not, individuals leave out this underated characteristic from their relationship. However, it is very difficult for the rest of the other characteristics to be shown if romance is not in the equation. In fact, I believe that romance is probably the most important characteristic because it operates solely on love. For one to always have a romantic flame for someone else, love must be involved. Therefore since it operates on love, everytime it is experienced, each individual feels love for their significant other. In conclusion a good relationship takes hardwork, time and effort to sustain and each relationship should be taken very seriously.

2. There are many characteristics of a bad relationship and there are unfortunately many examples as well. Firstly, if...

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