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Good Thing Gone Bad Essay

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I have always had long hair down to the middle of my back since high school and really wanted a change. I was 19 years old and looked like I was 13 or 14 years old. So for my twentieth birthday, I decided that I was going to get my hair cut and styled. I was really excited and spent my days sorting through magazines for the perfect style. I was ready to take on a more adult look. I was talking to my friend one night and mentioned the plans that I had in mind. I told her that I wanted a really cute Bobcut with soft layers. She told me that she knew a stylist that could “hook my hair up” and offered to pay for it as a birthday gift. I accepted the offer and could not wait to get my hair done. That is when all my trouble began.
I should have known that the outcome of this situation was going to be a fail, judging by results of my friend’s hair, but I decided to go with it. When I entered the shop, I noticed that the stylist was the only one who worked in there, why ...view middle of the document...

That never did happen. She just starting cutting and snipping like her life depended on it. I wanted to get up and leave, but figured that my hair was already gone so what more could go wrong.

She then proceeded to relax my hair. That might have been the only thing that she did right during this process. After that, she started to wrap my hair and place me under the dryer. For those who do not know what a wrap is, it is a method of combing the hair around the head starting at the crown of the head. Once it is dry, it’s combed out to achieve smooth and silky hair. That is not what I received. She put some wrapping lotion on my hair and combed my hair
down around my head and put me under the dryer. I was already feeling shaky about the cutting situation, but now I was mad. I’ve been her 2 hours and nothing good came from it yet. So I looked at my options. It was a Saturday, I did not have an appointment anywhere else and it was getting late. I could never find another shop to take me at that time, so I decided to stay.
I waited under that dryer for nearly 2 more hours for her to finish a previous client. She came over check to see if I was dry and told me that she had one more person ahead of me. I wanted to cry.
Here I was on my birthday, spending the whole day here and was not satisfied at all. When she was finally ready for me, she combed my hair, sprayed it with some oil sheen, and flat ironed my hair. The whole thing took about 20 minute’s tops. Now I was heated. She turned me
around to look at myself in the mirror. When I saw my hair, I wanted to throw up. All of my beautiful hair was gone. It now was a short and uneven mess with no style. My hair was so bad; it looked like I was getting ready for my own funeral. It was now 6:30pm and all she accomplished was wasting my time. My day was ruined. When she asked me what I thought of my hair, I told her that I was furious that I spent all day in this whole in the wall shop and left looking like an 8 year old did my hair. As much as I wanted a change, I guess I got it

that day. A couple of months later, when my hair grew out, I went to a stylist that I knew was great at her job. Even though I never received the style that I wanted, I was happy that my stylist was able to give me that adult look I was going for.

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