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Good News Essay

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Adonia Dhanjal, 3M11, 19 octobre 2010

« Good news », Text analysis :

This short story is about the audition of a 9 year-old girl for a television show. Her mother, Iris, had been in few serials when she was younger, so she’s the one who pushed her daughter, Bea, into that milieu.

Their relationship between them is not like a mother and a child. Iris acts more like a friend, or even like a theatrical agent. Iris is convinced that Bea is gifted to be an actress, we can see it at the first page, line 21 : « And Bea had talent, Iris was sure of that. ». She has prejudices on the other participants because she has eyes only for her daughter : « The child was timid, which of course was what they wanted (…) she didn’t have teeth like that. ». She only sees the actress in Bea and not her as a daughter : she worries all the time if she has practised enough or what did the juges said about her : « ‘Practise a bit ? (…) it would ...view middle of the document...

He asks about her role after she had contested and not before « ‘So what kind of story is it ?’ » (page 3, line 8). He and Iris are not acting like real parents to Bea, they are distant to her.

This problem of relationship is because of this TV-sitcom production. We can see that a lot of different people come to audition. Iris show us that competition is the only atmosphere between contestants : « Iris wrinkled her lips a bit, the smile she gave to strangers » ( page 1, line 29), « Competitivness had taken over » (page 2, line 6) and « A mother and a child were on the lay (…) with a grey tinge. ». Everyone have prejudices on everyone. We can also see how contestants, as a humain being, don’t really matters to the juges : they called Bea, Leah. She said it’s because they didn’t understand the name properly, sot they improvised.

Like I said before, Iris is like a theatrical agent towards Bea. We can see how important for her tv-show is. She had been actress and she stopped when she got pregnant of Bea. She wants her daughter to become an actress maybe because it’s something she can be able to teach. But it affects her relationship because she’s supposed to be her mother, not her agent. For Bea, tv-show is not something that really matters for her : « She didn’t know why she wanted that (…) because of Dickie. » (page 3, line 7). She is too young to have already her future etablished. For Dickie, again, he’s not really into that kind of job, like I’ve said before.

Fortunatly, Bea had got the part. We can imagine the joy of her mother, because she was saying pessimistic remarks on Bea’s talent just before the famous phone call. I think people are excited to go on TV because they feel like they’re important, like people are listening to them, paying attention to them. They are no longer strangers that noboby care about.

In conclusion, we can see how TV-show influents the relationship of a family and how it affects it. Bea is doing what her mother wants her to do, she doesn’t take her own decisions and maybe it will cause problems later on when she’ll decide to do something else.

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