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Good Art Essay

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Good Art
Even though it might not seem like it, art is a very broad topic. When talking about art there are different categories. There is the art of literature, the art of music, the art of dance, the art of theater, and the art that we are most familiar with, such as drawings, paintings, and sculptures. If a person’s writing is good enough, then their work is published in a newspaper, as a book, or in a magazine. If a person makes good music then they can join an orchestra, join a band, or make records. When a person is good in theater then they are able to direct shows or movies, or act on Broadway or in Hollywood movies. A person who can create good art, if good enough, can be shown in ...view middle of the document...

One of the paintings is from the 1700s, even though it was created centuries ago, it still here and admired as a beautiful piece of art. The things we experience when we see and hear their art and the worth of their art is still the same today as it was during their time. Just because people are sometimes blind to the greatness and quality of art, it does not mean that it is not there.
When art, music, or literature is popular enough it then becomes good enough to be displayed in public for everyone to see, hear, or appreciate. A musical artist could be very popular during their time or maybe just for a few years but then their music just passes away; they were just a trend. When we look at the example of Mozart and Salieri, two composers from the 1700s. In their time Salieri was an extremely popular composer; everybody loved watching his operas. On the other hand, Mozart was out casted and people considered him to be a socially awkward person. But the music that lives on today is the music that was composed by Mozart; very little people can even recognize the name Salieri as a great Italian composer. There are many artists now days who are very famous and people consider their music to be good but after some time goes by people start listening to other artist and they forget about that artist that was so amazing before. When we take a look at Michael Jackson, who still has albums being sold all over even after his death. In Finding Neverland, Gates says, “ When the news of his death broke, the traffic on twitter cause the site to crash, even though he hadn’t had a hit song for years” (588). Just because the work of art is not as popular anymore we cannot say that it is not good anymore because the art was popular at some point and people enjoyed. The quality of the work never changes.
When people are looking at art, such as a painting,...

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