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Good And Bad Poetry Essay

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The Good, The Bad, and The Poetic (An analysis and evaluation on ?Little Boy Blue? and ?The Toys?.) What is a ?good? poem? Or what makes a poem ?bad?. There are no specific rules or guidelines to writing a poem. It is easy to form an opinion of what is good or what is bad on two different poems for an individual, but to be able to make informed judgments and for these judgments to be accepted as good or bad, universally, takes a bit more of an in-depth insight. In this analysis and evaluation of ?Little Boy Blue? and ?The Toys?, one will be able to understand what makes them either good poems or bad poems by the writers? usage of diction, images and figure of speech, details, and the ...view middle of the document...

These are the first steps used in making informed judgments for the two poems in deciding whether they are ?good? or ?bad?. In the following paragraphs, one will see that using these methods are incorporated and built around the central purpose of each poem. Using these methods helps one use insight for making respectable judgments. Also, they will begin to unveil the poems? ?goodness? or ?badness? in a sort of checklist-type manner. To begin the ?checklist? one can look at the poems? diction. Are the words not entirely too difficult to understand, but are they still powerful enough to portray the central purpose? As for ?Little Boy Blue? a reader can obviously see that the diction is fairly simple, yet still strong enough to captivate a strong, sentimental purpose. A beginning reader can clearly understand what is meant, for example, when the author writes, ?So, toddling off to his trundle-bed, he dreamt of the pretty toys??(Lines 11, 12). In ?The Toys? a beginning reader may have a slight amount of trouble understanding the poem?s upper level diction, but for a moderate or experienced reader, the diction is quite arresting, powerful, and precise giving the central purpose better comprehensibility. In lines 10 and 11, ?With darkened eyelids, and their lashes yet from his late sobbing wet?, the experienced reader can obviously tell the boy cried himself to sleep. However, this may be a little more obscure for the novice reader. Although the poems appeal to the different levels of readers, one can argue that they both get a check mark for ?good?. A poem?s images and figure of speech can be crucial in what makes a poem ?good? or ?bad?. Images and figure of speech, or the lack thereof, can bore a reader and take away from the importance of the central purpose. ?Little Boy Blue? nor ?The Toys? has this problem. ?And the soldier passing fair?? (Line 7), in ?Little Boy Blue? gives a great visual and a fresh way of being written describing the toy?s aging. Also, another good visual and figure of speech is in ?The Toys? when said, ?Ah, when at last we lie with tranced breath?? (Line 24), to describe a...

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