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Going To College Essay

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Going to College
Going to college has always been part of my plans, especially growing up with a mother like mine. She wanted nothing but the best for her children, she wanted us to do what she couldn’t. I understand it isn’t for everybody and isn’t something that everybody plans on doing. It can definitely be expensive and time consuming, and of course it means a few more years of schooling after high school. But college can make a hugh impact on your life, financially and
How much more money do you really make with a college degree? The Bureau states that workers with bachelor’s degrees in 2008 earned about $26,000 more on average than workers with a high school diploma. In a beginning ...view middle of the document...

com, the unemployment rate is 8.3%, nearly a one-point increase over October's rate, that was only a little over a month ago. According to Jaschik, the unemployment rate for recent college grads is about 7% while high school graduates have a nearly 25% unemployment rate. Which means high school students are almost 3 times more likely to be out of a job. Employers are more likely going to hire somebody with a college degree rather than somebody who doesn’t have one. (Wilson ) Put yourself in their shoes: If you were an employer, wouldn’t you rather hire a person who has a college degree over a person who doesn’t. A college degree shows that a person is dedicated and diligent, two very desirable traits by employers.
Additionally, College is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It teaches students to be more independent, to live on their own and to learn what the real world is really all about. You are surrounded by other students who are going through the same struggles you may be going through. (Wilson ) It helps to have people there for you that are going through the same problems. It’s also a chance to leave your parents house...

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