Going Back To School Obstacles And Strategies

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Week 2
Keys to effective learning ch. 4
The choice you make when setting your core values will affect your goals. Sometimes we have too many goals and we want to accomplish all of them at the same time, according to the reading it is best to set a goal because it makes you more focus on achieving this specific goal. ...view middle of the document...

There are short term and long term goal . Before we set either a short or long term goal, we need to be realistic , or which one is achievable. My short term goal is to write my 8 substantial notes in 3 different days but in order for me to do that I need to set up a schedule and rearrange my other daily activities. This is how I plan to achieve this short term goal. From Monday thru Friday , I will post 3 notes on Mondays alternating with Tuesday, 3 notes on Wednesday and 2 on Fridays. Thursdays to work on other papers besides the notes. And weekend for my family. I know there will be some inconvenience where I might not be able to post all 3 notes in one day but I will work around it. My long term goal term goal is to graduate in 2018 with MSN/ED . By setting and prioritizing my short term goals will enable me to accomplish my long term goals.

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