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Going Back To School Essay

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My Return to School

English 121

My Return to School
I was nineteen the last time I took a college class. Now at forty, I have been out of school longer than I was ever in school. I might be a little crazy but I decided it’s time to go back to school. There are many factors that influenced this decision and although I have many reasons to be apprehensive, I know that with hard work, proper time management and a supportive family, the end result is going to be worth it.
Going back to school was an easy decision. One of the main reasons I am returning is to attain my Community College of the Air Force degree. At this point in my career this degree is tied to my advancement. ...view middle of the document...

For the last two years I have been preaching to my thirteen and eleven year old sons about time management. Since going back to school, I have found myself in the same boat. Trying to manage family life, student demands, as well as work requirements has become difficult. Self doubt has also reared its ugly head. It has always been my job to motivate my kids and tell them that they only need to do their best, work hard, and they will succeed. While I love that the kids see that I am going back to school, the fear of not doing well sometimes scares me. I have high expectation for my kids. What if I am unable live up to my own expectations? This has become my fear. It will be extremely difficult for my words to hold any weight if I am unable to do it myself.
In order to be successful in this class and all other classes I will need to develop a better strategy of time management. I am currently trying to structure each day to include time for studying. My hope is that this will prevent me from being forced to cram each assignment into a single day. I also feel that it is good for my sons to see me working hard to achieve my goals. It shows them that hard work pays off.
Going back to school after so many years is difficult. I am facing many challenges. Achieving a Community College of the Air Force degree is the first step in preparing for the future. I am glad that my family gets to see firsthand that I am practicing what I preach by working hard and completing my degree. Hopefully, I can be the role model for my kids and I look forward to the day I hear them say that I was able to be there for them while completing school.

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