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Going Back To College Essay

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Jeremy Johnson
English 111-A Reflection Essay
November 5, 2012

“Going back to College”

College is something that most high school seniors look forward to every year. This is an exciting new endeavor that they long for after graduating from high school. Many high school seniors take different paths when they graduate, but few understand the dedication required to achieve their dreams. My views were the same after graduating, but my journey took a much different direction. Originally signing and planning to go to UNCC, I passed up my athletic scholarship for a professional baseball contract with the Detroit Tigers.
College was something that I felt could be done at any stage ...view middle of the document...

Forty plus hours of work and another twenty plus hours of school a week, my leisure time is scarce. I have a family and a wife and little boy that I enjoy spending every free moment of every day with. Being a husband, father, employee, and student is a daunting task but the future reward will be something that words cannot express. Waking up every morning and seeing the smile on my little boy’s face is something that I long for everyday. Being a husband and father is a major responsibility within itself. Without a wife supporting me and allowing me to pursue my goal, none of this would be possible. I am the one physically going to school but without her help this all would be impossible. Helping support the family and putting long hours in for both work and college is very stressful and tiresome. I see the possibilities of the future for my family and that’s the fuel that drives me every day. Everyone wants to better him or herself but I get to do this while also providing a better life for the biggest support system anyone could ever ask for! My family, including myself makes sacrifices on a daily basis so that I may attend College and...

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