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God Gave Life And Only God Can Take It Away

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God Gave Life and Only God Can Take it Away

I agree that only God who created all life has the right to take it
away. Firstly, I believe that all Christians and not just some believe
that all human life is sacred. The belief in the sanity of life is a
very important element of the Christian faith. Some Christians may
believe that because God gave life, he alone has the right to take it
away. This comes from Genesis 2:7, 'Then the Lord God formed man from
the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of
life; and the man became a living being.'

I therefore believe that issues such as abortion and Euthanasia are
wrong. This is because they destroy God's gift. 'You shall not kill by
abortion the fruit of the womb, and you shall not murder the infant
already born.' This document shows that even from a very long time ago
Christians believed that abortion was wrong and were against it.
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' This
Psalm is one of the clearest arguments for Christians showing that
abortion is morally wrong. This would be seen as murder because you
are killing what God has created, and only he has the right to take a

On the other hand some people say life is not a gift from God and
therefore they believe that abortion and euthanasia are right in some
cases. Humanists believe that voluntary euthanasia in some cases is
right if the suffers life is hopeless. By this they mean that they
have loss the power to do things that have given them meaning to their
life. The voluntary euthanasia society believe that doctors should be
allowed to let patients die if the patient has signed a statement
asking for this help at least 30 days in advance. There basic belief
is that any adult person is suffering from a serve illness, for which
no cure is know they should be allowed by law to end there own life.
Some groups of people in society feel that abortion is right. The
Women Abortion and Contraception Campaign Manifesto state that 'We
must be able to have children when we want them, and children have the
right to be wanted'. This shows that they support abortion this is
reflected in the humanist view as humanist regard abortion, as better
then bringing 'unwanted babies into the world'. The nation abortion
campaign believes that women have the right to choose whether or not
to abort their child.

This statement may affect many issues at the beginning and ends of
life such as Capital Punishment, IVF and Genetic engineering.
Christians oppose Capital punishment. Christians were instructed not
to execute a criminal. Biblical arguments which opposes Capital
Punishment are shown for example when Jesus forgave the women 'caught
in adultery, the very act' to those arguing that she should be put to
death Jesus said 'he who is without sin among you, let him throw a
stone at her first.'(John 8:7).

I think that God does give life and only he can only take it away,
because human life is sacred and God sent Jesus to earth to live as a
human, and therefore it should be Gods decision when your life ends.

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