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God Exist Essay

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Introduction: Where there is design, there is a designer.
Thesis: G-d created the world in six days as described in the Book of Genesis, chapter one.
Argument (point) #1: Apollo
Argument (point) #2: The Cranium and the Brain
Argument (point) #3: Hibernation: The bear
Argument (point) #4: The painted turtle. The deer, the squirrel and the woodpecker:
Conclusion: All societies since the creation of the world comprehend that acumen and intellect originate from a superior Intelligence. As described in Genesis chapter one, G-d created the world in six days.

Does God Exist?

Where there is design, there is a designer. Those who choose to disbelieve must twist their ...view middle of the document...

In the book of Exodus, after the awe inspiring miracle of the split sea and after witnessing daily wonders such as sweet water which spouted from a rock, manna from heaven, clouds that protected them on all sides and a pillar of fire to lead the way at night, some in the Jewish nation still doubted G-d. (Chapter 17, verse 7) “The Children of Israel tried the Lord, saying “Is the Lord among us or not?
Immediately following, the Children of Israel were attacked by the powerful and brutal nation of Amalek. “It was an unprovoked and cowardly attack upon a tired and weary people, just liberated from slavery, on the way to their homeland. Moses put his disciple Joshua in charge of the troops who were to fight against the Amalekites. Then Moses, together with his brother Aaron and nephew Hur went up to a hill, to pray for G-d's help in the battle. The battle lasted a whole day until the Amalekites were finally defeated and routed. G-d ordered Moses to record the treacherous attack of the Amalekites for everlasting memory.”
Let us put this into perspective. The nations of the world were in awe and dread of the God of the Hebrews who had wrought mighty miracles on their behalf. No one dared challenge this fledgling nation who so valiantly earned the protection of the All Mighty. The significance of Amalek’s deed is described in the Midrash Tanchuma, Ki Teitzei 9. The Amalekite’s scorn and disdain chilled the inspired feelings that reigned in the world during this period, effectively quashing truth. Nowadays as well, contempt and disrespect sway popular opinion. The insolence trickles down from denial of G-d to disrespect of our parents, teachers and elders which has corrupted our society.
Rashi, the famed commentary whose comprehensive writings illuminate the bible, prophets, and the Talmud brings the following parable. (Exodus, chapter 17, verse 8) A man embarked on a journey, carrying his son on his shoulders. The boy desired an object and requested it, “Father take that thing and bring it to me” whereupon his father complied. A second and then a third time this scene played out and the father brought his son what he demanded. They encountered a stranger and the son said to him “Have you seen my father?” Whereupon his father responded “Do you not know where I am?” He cast him off from upon himself and an animal came along and bit him. Amalek is compared to the animal and the Children of Israel are the son who severely deficient of even a modicum of gratitude and respect, deny their Father’s very existence even as they bask in his kindness.
Let us be honest. It is easier and more “fun” to believe that G-d does not exist. Atheists can live their lives as they see fit, without any obligations to a supreme being. They live according to their own moral code and don’t need to subjugate themselves to a higher authority. This I believe is the crux of the issue in denial of a supreme being. What is interesting is that it...

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